Consistently classic, effortlessly cool, painted white kitchen cabinetry with an inset door (the door sits flush with the face frame of the cabinet) is the chicest style going in kitchen design. Our design center makes over hundreds of kitchens each year and this is the most popular style we sell. It fits perfectly with New England’s architecture too.

The photos at the top are of our York Harbor Kitchen on display at Atlantic Design Center. The cabinetry is by the family-owned, custom cabinetry company Mouser out of Kentucky. I was lucky enough to visit Mouser last fall and see for myself how their beautiful inset, framed and frameless cabinetry is made. The other two photos are more examples of how white inset kitchens can be traditional or contemporary, but still feel timeless.

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  One thought on “JUST ADD WATER

  1. March 21, 2015 at 2:33 pm

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