Long before his pearly whites flashed on the small screen as a judge on Project Runway, I loved this man’s designs. His clothes somehow resonate with me season after season. Michael Kors has a way of mixing American Sportswear with European elegance to create looks I could live my life in. So when his Ready-To-Wear for Fall 2008 hit the runway last winter, I was again pleased with the eye-candy. Winter pastels popped against camel coats. Mink stoles, structured bags and stilettos…all so lady-like.

Anytime Kors seeks inspiration from the past, like he did with this collection, I tend to drool even more. For Fall 2008 Kors mixed the sleek sophistication of actress Kim Novak, of Hitchcock’s 1958 film Vertigo (pictured in black and white), with the throwback tunes of current singer Amy Winehouse. But it seems Kors is also in tune with the vintage fashions now seen on AMC’s small screen hit Mad Men (actress January Jones of Mad Men pictured in fashion from the set). Just like in Fall 2003 when fishnets and brooches were all the rage, dressing like our grandmothers is back! And I love it.

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