Using pantone pens, artist Daniel Eatock creates amazingly colorful art.
To achieve this look Eatock placed an entire set of Letraset TRIA Pantone markers on top of 500 sheets of paper for one month and let their ink soak through the pages. The result is this amazing watercolor-like artwork.
The ink soaked through the first 73 sheets of the ream and each inked page is numbered accordingly. The top picture is print 68 of 73. The print pictured within the black frame with more defined dots was created on a napkin!

But the work of this London based artist and graphic designer involves more than pretty pantone prints. Eatock created a print typed with every lyric from the Beatles, alphabetized by song. It’s a pretty impressive piece. The text runs more than 28,000 words, yet any Beatles fan could start reading at any part of the print and recognize the song. Eatock created the piece to commemorate the twenty-year anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Today, the Swedish company Wonderwall sells Eatock’s limited edition Untitled Beatles print online. Check it out at and check out Eatock’s site at

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