Just as I was mourning the loss of the metallic Coach Carly, my first handbag rental from Avelle (the new Bag, Borrow or Steal), a new box arrived at my doorstep.

My heart did that little dance as I picked up the package and rushed inside to open it.

Just as before I unwrapped the tissue paper and removed the note from Avelle to find this time, a navy dust bag bearing the moniker “Dooney and Bourke.”

They say the pupils dilate at the sign of attraction. Mine must have been the size of saucers!

“Hello lover,” I said in a hushed tone (a la Carrie Bradshaw) as I gazed at the oversized zebra tote in my hands.

Now when I say this bag is oversized, it’s an understatement! I could fit the new Brangelina twins inside no problem. (Note to self: read dimensions of bag before renting).

Nevertheless, this Bourke is stunning! Black and tan animal print accented beautifully with red details and gold hardware. This was one hot tote!

The next week of carrying my new stunner flew by. The more other women sneaked peeks, the more I knew this bag was a showstopper!

But enjoying my latest Avelle rental made me wonder, “Who else had carried this very same purse?”

Maybe a documentary filmmaker from Chicago renting a loft with tons of light but no closet space? A high-powered attorney in Manhattan who likes to let loose on the town after hours (this zebra tote would surely tap into her wild side)? Or a struggling actress pursuing her dream to make it big in Hollywood?

Whoever she was, I can’t help but feeling a little “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” vibe from this bag and its history. Oh the places this zebra tote has seen!

This account exec at skirt! Magazine is a lot like the other woman who may have called this Bourke her own for a time. She too has little closet space, enjoys a “5 o’clock somewhere” cocktail and is in constant pursuit of fulfilling a dream.

And just like a character in the Sisterhood movies, when my week with the bag is up, I pack it away and ship it off for the next lucky girl to enjoy.

Bon voyage!

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