Nothing says “chic” like a ladylike vanity in the boudoir. In my recent search for the perfect makeup table for my own master suite, I stumbled along an array of gorgeous sitting tables all chic in their own right. For your own glamour vanity, keep in mind these three features:

1. Ample storage. Whether the table you choose is skirted, mirrored, Victorian or Modern, a functional vanity needs hideaway space for cosmetics, jewelry, chocolates, magic wands. Tiny built-in drawers are perfect, or using baskets hidden under a skirted table works too.

2. Comfy chic chair. No vanity is complete without a pretty seat to rest your pretty feet. Any chic chair or stool will do, but why not make a statement with a contrasting color or vibrant print fabric. Bring on the brocade!

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Be the fairest by using a unique mirror hung over your vanity to add interest and usability. A tri-fold table top mirror is classic vanity styling, but why not turn a yard sale stunner into chic functionality? Attach a pretty ribbon to the back of any shape mirror and hang it at seated eye level above your table. Voila, instant chic vanity!

Take inspiration from your room when picking the perfect vanity set up.
Adding perfume bottles and a vase of fresh flowers to the table top adds chic femininity to overall look.

Happy primping!

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