Want to design a fabulous room? Add a punch of color! No one knows this better than Manhattan’s design maven Amanda Nisbet.

Take inspiration from Nisbet’s designs (below) by adding a bright headboard, bedskirt, throw pillows and window treatment to an otherwise neutral bedroom to create a classically modern retreat. Or paint a ceiling purple in an outdoor space and carry the color down to the patio tables and bench cushions.
Don’t be afraid to mix colors either! Nisbet sure isn’t! Check out how she uses lime and fuchsia (last photo below) to make a dining space uber hip and yet so sophisticated!
I’ve gathered some of my favorite Nisbet examples of how a punch of pink or purple in a space is so TRES CHIC!

NISBET ON HER DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: “A fresh and energetic approach to a traditional sense of luxury. Color, texture and form blend to create a comfortable elegance, balancing function and style, and combining classicism and modernism.”

Nisbet (pictured) founded her interior design firm in 1998. Visit Amanda Nisbet Design online.

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