Dessert tables are all the rage for birthday parties, weddings and holiday celebrations and Amy Atlas creates the most chic designs. Here is a collection of her to-die-for creations that are both pleasing to the eye and the belly!

Visit Amy Atlas Events and follow these tips from Amy to create a sweet ending to your next celebration:

1. Take something that inspires you and create your dessert table around it. The design can be something as personal as a family heirloom to as simple as the pattern on the host’s invitation. Let the dessert table tell a story about the event so that the dessert not only becomes functional, but becomes part of the event design.

2. Create a beautiful backdrop for your dessert table. Decor elements complete the look of a table and a fabulous backdrop is the perfect way to incorporate artistry to the table.

3. Pick beautiful linens and unique vessels to dress up your dessert table. Since your sweets will be the star of your dessert table, the linens and vessels should have a coordinated, tailored look.
4. Always sample your dessert vendors before using them for your event. A beautiful cake is not always the best tasting cake! The key is to find the right balance. Pick desserts that not only look good together, but provide a balance for your guests’ palate.

5. Incorporate some type of tag element to dress up the dessert table. This will show your guests how personal your table is. You can do this yourself, or have a graphic designer create personalized tags for you.

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