Over the years I have tried countless products, some great, some not so. With an array of options on the shelf it can be difficult to know which product to spend your hard-earned money on. Here are my top picks for the BEST IN BATH! Products I have tried and loved, and many I still use today!

BEST IN BUBBLE BATH:Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath in Sensual (Black Currant Vanilla) $13 at Bath & Body Works. The scent is very sexy and fun for a bath built for two!

Fresh, Sake Bath (with 50 percent pure Sake) $80 at Fresh. This Sake Bath is said to have magical powers (maybe) but it does do something amazing to an ordinary bath!

BEST IN FIZZ:LUSH, Up You Gets Emotibomb $3.95 at LUSH. Place one in the shower and breathe in the citrus fragrance to help get you going in the morning! Break it in half and enjoy it for two showers!
ME! BATH, Bath Ice Cream (variety of scents like Cosmopolitan) $8.50 at ME! BATH. Drop the scoop into the bath and watch it fizz while it releases minerals and aromatic oils to hydrate the skin.
BEST IN BARS:L’Occitane, Shea Butter Soap $10 at L’Occitane (pronounced “lox-ee-tahn”). A bestseller for this luxury line of French products. The soap is a 100 percent vegetable base with nourishing Shea Butter and gentle enough for children.
Dove, White Beauty Bar $2.99 at any major pharmacy or grocery store, also online at Walgreens. This soap is a classic, an industry staple when it comes to a mild, moisturizing face and body bar.
Bliss, Big Blue Bar $18 at Bliss or Neiman Marcus (but I have found it at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $7.99!) This oversized bar has been a regular in my shower since I started using it in December 2008. With a lemon-verbena scent, this soap is vegetable oil-based, moisturizing and lasts forever.
BEST IN SCRUBS:Fresh, Brown Sugar Body Polish $65 at Sephora. This scrub made from real brown sugar leaves skin so soft! It is addicting! Fresh was once known for their bar soap, now they are known for this sugar scrub!
Caudalie, Crushed Cabernet Scrub $35 at Caudalie. Crushed grape seeds and brown sugar make this scrub luxurious and very smoothing. It’s like a fine wine for the skin. I love the container it comes in too.
Philosophy, Cinnamon Buns 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath $16 at Philosophy. The scent is so good you want to eat it right out of the bottle! I love this product as a shower gel because it makes the skin feel amazing. It also makes a wonderful gift!
Olay, Body Wash plus Body Butter Ribbons $5.29 at any major pharmacy or grocery store, also online at Walgreens. An amazing, moisturizing body wash for the price! I love the thickness (you can even shave with it) and you don’t need to apply lotion after!
Bliss, Vanilla+Bergamot Bubbling Bath+Shower Gel $24 at Bliss. Quick foaming body wash with antioxidants to help fight free radicals (bonus!), plus a scent you can’t find anywhere else!

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