In the recent documentary film The September Issue, which chronicles the journey American Vogue takes to release its coveted September magazine, we get a rare look at famed editor Anna Wintor. But it is Grace Coddington, the former model turned Vogue creative director, that steals the show! Her funny, opinionated, cat-loving, romantic personality shines through as she produces lavish photo shoots and spats with Wintor (all in the name of fashion of course!).
It’s obvious by her work that Coddington dreams in pictures. Pictures of couture clothes and fantasy worlds and leggy models.
The eye that she brings to Vogue is pure genius. And at age 69, here’s hoping she never stops!

Wintor and Coddington.

Coddington on the cover of British Vogue, August 1962 .

Pictured here as a top model in London in the 60s.
Coddington joined British Vogue in 1968 as a junior fashion editor.

“I like fairy tales, and I like dreaming. I try to weave the reality into the dream. When readers pick up Vogue, I want them to smile. Everything should be a little tongue in cheek, a little dare-to-go-there.” – Grace Coddington, who joined American Vogue in 1988 (the same year as Wintor).

Here is a sampling of some recent work by Coddington, ENJOY!
Brief Encounter, February 2010 American Vogue.

Daring Do, May 2008 American Vogue.

The Warrior Way, March 2010 American Vogue.

La Dolce Vita, February 2009 American Vogue.

It’s A Madcap World, February 2009 American Vogue.

Love of A Lifetime, December 2008 American Vogue.

In the Mood, September 2009 American Vogue.

The Wedding Party, June 2009 American Vogue.

French Open, October 2009 American Vogue.

Into the Woods, September 2009 American Vogue.

Coddington on orchestrating the fashion shoot “Into the Woods”: “It wasn’t until we finished the shoot that I realized just how hot and uncomfortable it was inside the wolf’s head…and all day long we had kept referring to the poor model: ‘Tell the wolf to stand here.’… ‘Tell the wolf to sit here.’… ‘Tell the wolf to run.’… How mean fashion people are!”

From the September 2007 magazine, featured in the film The September Issue, Coddington’s 1920s-style shoot, and my fav photo from the Color Block shoot (below):

From American Vogue in August 2008 (below), a fashion dedication to Coddington: Graceful Elegance

Coddington on her relationship with Wintor being compared to one like that of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger: “Anna’s the leader like Mick. I guess I’m Keith because I’m wrinkled. Seriously, though, a lot of people say Anna’s the business one and I’m the creative one. It’s not true. She’s the creative one. So many of the shoots I do start with her ideas. She was the creative director of Vogue before I was, after all. I also believe that everyone needs an editor. What she does is edit and make my work stronger.”

(above) Cover of Coddington’s book Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

(below) An illustration from Coddington’s book The Catwalk Cats

Yes, that is Karl Lagerfeld!

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