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The perfect outfit starts with a good foundation – your bra! It can make or break an outfit. The lingerie brand ThirdLove knows this, but also knows we all want to look good while feeling good!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to highlight ThirdLove to help you discover your bra personality and find your perfect fitting bra!
(Be sure to scroll down for the exclusive code to save on your next order!)


What I love about ThirdLove is they offer 1/2 sizes (A-C). It’s so genius! And their sizing runs AA to G cup in a variety of styles.

If you are unsure of your current bra size, like a lot of us are, there’s an App for that! ThirdLove offers an iPhone App that helps determine your measurements: “All you’ll need is a spare five minutes, a supportive bra, a tank top and a wall-mounted mirror.” The App was recently put to the test on the daytime show The Doctors, check it out.

TRES CHIC readers use the code “VALENTINE15” to save 15% off all orders at ThirdLove online.


Happy Shopping!
Love, Staci

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