Month: October 2020

Fall Bucket List

This season I’ve been sharing festive fall ideas & oil tips over on my Instagram, and now that I’m nearly done with this series, here it is for you to enjoy! So tell me… Follow me for more!

Hocus Pocus

Why is it so easy to get distracted? I blame my phone! To kick my butt in gear and get stuff done, I often reach for the same roller blend my daughter uses before school… Thinker the Focus Blend, helps prevent mental distraction and reduces feelings of mental stress and fatigue. Have you tried it?!⠀⠀doTERRA Thinker is a blend of…

Cleaning Tip 2 Die For

When the washer has that funky smell 🤭 use this recipe to naturally freshen up the machine 💦 ⠀Bonus: Add 2 drops doTERRA Lemon, OnGuard or Purify oil to your laundry detergent for extra cleansing power!⠀⠀Have you made the switch to a toxin free laundry detergent yet? Which one do you like?⠀💀📷@carcabaroad