Magical Day

It’s 2.22.22 🌟 Let’s make some magic happen!

You know me, I reach for natural tools to support my health, but I’m totally into using them to inspire my higher self! So here’s the Essential Oils to reach for today…


🌸Clary Sage, the Oil of Clarity and Vision
Clary Sage essential oil helps you to dispel all of your limiting beliefs that are not serving you and are clouding your mind with darkness and illusion. It helps you when a drastic change in mindset is required for you to manifest.

🏵Ginger, the Oil of Empowerment
Ginger encourages you to be fully present and participate in life. It empowers you to assume full responsibility and accountability, to see yourself as the creator of your own life. By using ginger, it will help you to stop waiting for outside circumstances to change and to instead choose your own destiny. Ginger is especially helpful for people suffering from a victim mentality, feelings of powerlessness or defeat, and the belief that everything is outside of their control. 

🍊Wild Orange, the Oil of Abundance
This oil inspires abundance, fosters creativity, and supports a positive mood. It helps you step away from workaholic tendencies and feelings of being overly serious or rigid to reconnect with your inner child. Wild Orange is the oil to turn to to bring spontaneity, fun, joy, and playfulness back into your life.


Use these doTERRA essential oils topically or aromatically (I love diffusing them!).
For topical use, dilute a couple drops with your favorite carrier oil (I like fractionated coconut oil) and apply to:

Back of the neck. This spot provides mental clarity as it’s a quick way for the oil to enter the brain.

Insides of elbow creases. This is the best spot to apply oil for emotional wellbeing as it’s a channel to the lungs and the heart.

Inside of the forearms. By applying the oil up and down the inside of forearms, the oils can enter the bloodstream rapidly and instantly change your emotional state.


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I highly recommend the books I Am Fabulous; Essential Emotions; both are on my Amazon Wellness List here

🌟 You Got This! 🌟

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