Favorite Essential Oil Sprays

There are so many lingering toxins and chemicals (aka fragrances) in our household and beauty products! If you want to make some simple swaps in the New Year – check out some of my favorite Essential Oil Sprays in this post.
These are easy DIYs that will save you money, and your health in the long run!

Helpful tips before you get sprayin’:
– Bigger bottle = more drops! The number of essential oil drops depends on the size of the glass spray bottle used
– Always start with less oil, then add more if needed
– Give these blends a good shake before spraying

Now the FUN STUFF!

šŸ’§Skin Saver: Tea Tree + Lavender + FCO (fractionated coconut oil)
šŸ’§Owie Spray: Helichrysum + Frankincense + Lavender + Tea Tree + FCO
šŸ’§No Bugs (Hair): Tea Tree + Eucalyptus + Rosemary + Water (distilled)
šŸ’§Healthy Hair Growth: Rosemary + Lavender + Cedarwood + Water
šŸ’§Perfume: Whisper + Citrus Bliss + Lemon + Ylang Ylang + Water
šŸ’§After Sun: Frankincense + Lavender + Tea Tree + Peppermint + Aloe Vera Liquid + FCO
šŸ’§Baby Bum: Lavender + Tea Tree + Myrrh (or Frankincense) + FCO
šŸ’§Throat Spray: OnGuard + Lemon + Water
šŸ’§Cleanse the Air: OnGuard + Purify + Water
šŸ’§Sleep Spray: Serenity + Water
šŸ’§Spa Vibes: Eucalyptus + Lavender + Water
šŸ’§Linen Spray: Lavender + Roman Chamomile + Water
šŸ’§Chill Out: Balance + Serenity + Water
šŸ’§Yoga Mat Spray: Tea Tree + Lavender + Water
šŸ’§Glass Cleaner: Lemon + White Vinegar + Water
šŸ’§Kitchen Cleaner: OnGuard + White Vinegar + Water
šŸ’§#2 Toilet Spray: Bergamot + Eucalyptus + Grapefruit + Lemongrass + Water (spray bowl before use)
šŸ’§Refresh the Room: Peppermint + Wild Orange + Rosemary + Water
šŸ’§Mask Spray (click for recipe)

Which ones are you going to try?

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