Baby Love: Oils for Topical Use


Check out my Quick Guide (below) for using essential oils on your baby… because our little ones need plant love too!

TIP: Always dilute your doTERRA oils with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil (FCO), for babies, kids, pets, and those with sensitive skin.

The doTERRA Kids Oil Collection is this mama’s favorite! It includes gentle essential oil blends that are pre-diluted with FCO in a convenient roller bottle – ready to open & apply! (You’ll see some of these kids oils mentioned in the graphic below.)

The Kids Oil Collection includes: Tamer (for digestive support), Calmer (for sleep & calming the mind & body), Thinker (for focus & concentration), Rescuer (for cooling down the body, boo boos & growing pains), Stronger (for immune system support), Steady (for big emotions & anxiousness), and Brave (for courage & confidence). They are available as a kit or individually.

Shop oils HERE

Baby Topical Use

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