Diffuser Tips


Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest and most effective ways to experience the therapeutic benefits of doTERRA’s oils. It’s how I got started using oils and it’s apart of our daily routine #obsessed

Over time, your diffuser will develop an oil buildup that potentially can prevent it from working properly, so it’s important to take care of it.

👉Here’s a few tips that will help you have the best aromatic experience and extend the life of your doTERRA diffuser.

💧Filling Your Diffuser: Use clean, room-temp tap water. Make sure the water level does not exceed the water mark. Add 4–10 drops of doTERRA essential oils. You can add more oil for a stronger aroma. Experiment with the amount of oil you use and find what works best for you. In our Petal Diffuser (shown) we typically use 5-9 drops total.

💧Cleaning Tips: (for doTERRA Petal, Brevi, Lumo, Volo, Aroma Lite and Lotus diffusers)

• Quick-Clean After Use: Make sure to unplug your diffuser before cleaning. When removing excess water from the water tank, pour from the rear of the diffuser to avoid spilling on the operating buttons. Rise the inside with tap water, wipe down the inside of the water tank and the outside of the diffuser with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Avoid using any harsh cleaners on your diffuser. Let dry.

• Deep Clean Every Month: Cleaning is a necessary step to make sure oil residue doesn’t build up in your machine, preventing it from working properly. If you use your diffuser every day, then running a cleaning cycle monthly is a good idea: Fill your diffuser half way with clean water. Add 10 drops of white vinegar. Let the diffuser run for about 5 min to allow the water-vinegar mixture to disperse throughout the unit and clean it. Drain the diffuser completely. Using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, clean the tight spots, corners, and the ultrasonic mist chip found inside the water tank. Rinse with clean water. Use a dry cloth to wipe the diffuser and dry it thoroughly.

💧doTERRA diffusers come with a one year warranty, so if anything happens just give customer service a call!

Which doTERRA diffuser is your favorite? Need a diffuser recommendation, ask me!

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