Essential Oils for Empaths


I was chatting with a friend about being an Empath and how we both tend to take on people’s energy, which can be exhausting. I shared this roller bottle blend that has helped other friends, even a friend’s son who was being bullied at school.


In a 5mL roller bottle, add doTERRA oils:
5 drops each OnGuard Protective Blend, TerraShield Repellent Blend, Tea Tree, Frankincense and top off with fractionated coconu oil. Roll on back of the neck daily or as needed.


Essential Oils for Empaths:
Basil – Energize
Patchouli – Physical Grounding & Protection
Tea Tree – Releases toxic connections
Myrrh – Soothing & Nurturing
Clove – Creating boundaries
Purify Cleansing Blend – Cleanse & Release
OnGuard Protective Blend – Protect on all levels
TerraShield Repellent Blend – Repels dissonant energy

Are you an Empath too?

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