The Great Conjunction

DECEMBER 21 • Happy Winter Solstice, The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and the Age of Aquarius ♒ Did you have trouble sleeping last night? I was chatting about that today with a friend and we both agreed it must have had something to do with the energetic shift that’s happening!

It’s a good time to apply your oils, look up the emotions you’re experiencing in your favorite essential oils book, think/journal about the New Year. What does your heart desire? What are you ready to shed in 2021?

Now’s the time to set boundaries, protect your energy, drink lots of water and rest ✨ Here’s a few tips:

• Tea Tree or OnGuard oil diluted and applied on the inner arms, top of head, bottoms of feet for Energetic Protection.
• Litsea or Green Mandarin diffused or inhaled from cupped hands for Manifestation.
• Lavender or Patchouli oil diluted and applied to temples, back of neck, over heart for Calming.
• Lemon oil in water using a glass or stainless steel container for Detoxification.

All oils can be found here.

What are you most excited for in 2021? 🌌

Art by @midnightmoonvisuals

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