Where In The World


Where your essential oils come from matters!⠀

• Where the plants are grown⠀
• Quality of the soil⠀
• Weather conditions⠀
• How/when the plants are harvested⠀
• How they are distilled⠀

These all play a part in the chemistry, effectiveness and potency of the essential oil. ⠀

doTERRA has traveled the world to create exclusive partnerships with the best growers, harvesters and distillers (some of whom have been making these essential oils for generations!), so that you and I can use the best oils on our family. ⠀

I’m so thankful for that! 🙏⠀

You would think that this kind of attention to detail and care was common in the industry, but it’s not 😧⠀

It takes a lot of time and energy and relationship building. It takes patience. It takes passion. Which is what the founders of doTERRA committed to 12 years ago, when no one else was.⠀

And doTERRA could have easily stopped there 🛑 ⠀
…but offering the best essential oils on the planet wasn’t enough. They had to give back too. ⠀

Through the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, doTERRA continues to provide community health care and education resources, clean drinking water, disaster relief and more to the regions where our essential oils are sourced ❤🙏⠀

If you haven’t watched the Co-Impact Sourcing videos on the doTERRA YouTube Channel I highly recommend them! I think this one from Haiti about Vetiver is my favorite. ⠀

So where in the world is your essential oil from? It matters!

Check out this cool sourcing map to find your favorite doTERRA oils 👇


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