Traveling with Oils


Do you have travel plans coming up? You can definitely carry on your essential oils, so save this post! ✈

A couple years ago after the Annual Global doTERRA Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah I had a ton of essential oils in my carry on bag. The normal amount I travel with – don’t leave home without them – plus the new ones just released. So WAY more than the average person!⠀

And although all of our 5mL, 15mL oils and 10mL rollers fall under the max size for carry on liquids, I had filled an entire oil bag plus a roller case of oils for the flight home. Because there was no way I was going to put my brand new Rose Touch & Jasmine Touch rollers in my check bag! ⠀

So there I was, sending a small fortune through the scanners when TSA stopped me. ⠀

“Miss, we’re going to have to swab these, that’s an awful lot of liquids.” ⠀

Crap. I was internally freaking out thinking my Rose & Jasmine oils, plus my Frankincense & Helichrysum oils would be tossed in the trash! But my instincts kicked in and I spoke up. ⠀

“Sir, this is my medicine,” I said to the TSA agent. He stopped and turned his head to look at me. ⠀

“You just said the magic word,” he replied with a smile. Relief flushed over me as he handed me back ALL my oils. Talk about a close call!⠀

And it’s true! I saw a tweet from TSA about this exact subject after I got home…


So speak up! Tell them these oils are your medicine and you need them with you in your carry on.⠀

I travel with doTERRA oils often, and these are some of my must-haves:

• Lavender – anxiousness, fear, relaxation, sleep, too much sun

• OnGuard Protective Blend – immune support, germs (OnGuard Toothpaste and Hand Sanitizing Spray are a must too)

• DigestZen Digestive Blend – stomach upset, GI discomfort, bad food, motion sickness

• Balance Grounding Blend – mood, emotions, stress

• Peppermint – alertness, energy, head tension, fresh breath, body cool down

• TerraShield Outdoor Blend Spray – crawling, flying and biting bug repellent

• Lemon – in water, detoxing

• Breathe Respiratory Blend – breathing, snoring, sinuses, seasonal allergies

• Tea Tree – first aid, cuts, scrapes, clean hair, feet and nails

• Wild Orange – happiness, mood

• Frankincense – for everything!

• Lifelong Vitality Pack – essential oil vitamins (the travel packets are really handy!)

These travel essentials are available here under Shop, and most are included in my reduced price starter kit.

Which oils do you travel with?

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  1. February 18, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Great post 😁


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