Breakfast Board Essentials


Perfect for Sunday Brunch, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day… anytime! 🥞 It’s the Pancake Chartucchire Board with doTERRA essential oils!

(Did you know you can cook with these oils?)

• Make 🍊Orange Butter by combining softened grass fed butter with Wild Orange oil⠀

• Make Rosemary Syrup by combining Rosemary oil with pure maple syrup⠀

• Make Cinnamon Bun Crepe filling by combining softened cream cheese, powdered sugar and Cassia or Cinnamon Bark oil ⠀

• Use Grapefruit oil in some champagne 🥂⠀

• Make ☕London Fog Steamers with black tea, 1 drop Bergamot oil, 1 drop Lavender oil, raw honey or vanilla simple syrup and foamed milk⠀

• Make 🍊Tangerine Fruit Dip with 2- 8oz packages of cream cheese, 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup honey, 2 drops Tangerine oil⠀⠀

• Make 🥞Immune Boosting Pancakes with OnGuard Protective Blend oil, save this recipe!


The possibilities are endless! Who else wants to try a pancake board?!

Image by completelydelicious

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