Lyme Disease During A Health Crisis

I’ve been healing my body from Chronic Lyme Disease for several years now, which makes this current health crisis both scary, and familiar…⠀
I’m no stranger to canceling plans to stay home and rest. Prioritizing self-care, reducing stress, cutting out sugar, staying hydrated, taking vitamins and nutrients, getting adequate sleep, etc. has been my journey long before the Coronavirus was making headlines.
Protecting my immune system has been a way of life, which led me to using essential oils in the first place! I needed to boost my toddler daughter’s immune system, so she wasn’t bringing home everything from daycare (and now school). Experiencing a Lyme flare up or herx reaction to a protocol was bad enough! I have zero time or energy to get sick.⠀

So the threat of COVID-19 is not something I’m taking lightly.

I’m staying up to date with information from the CDC, WHO and from our Chief Medical Officer and Infections Disease Specialist Dr. Russell Osguthorpe at doTERRA. As well as information from

I recently watched a video by Dr. Steven Bock, a Lyme-treating physician, about Coronavirus and the risk it poses to those with Lyme Disease. ⠀

I’m happy to hear I’m doing the key things Dr. Bock recommended, and then some! I wish Lyme Disease was getting this level of research and attention… a post for another day…⠀

So please stay home and say healthy.

Check on your chronic illness friends.

Imagine experiencing this stress, anxiety, isolation, fear of the unknown, and emotional toll for years and years…⠀

That’s why we’re called WARRIORS!⠀
xx- Staci


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