Show Me The Science


In 2017, I attended a Global Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah to learn more about essential oils. One of the speakers was Jennifer Eddins, SM (ASCP) a Specialist in Medical Microbiology with over 21 years in the medical field, as well as 16 years experience with fungal air sampling.

At the Convention, Eddins shared some amazing scientific research she conducted on the effectiveness of doTERRA OnGuard Protective Blend essential oil.

If you’re not familiar with OnGuard, it is a blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils including Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Wild Orange. 

Before we jump in, it’s important to know: Organisms are able to reactivate when food is provided to them, even after they are put into dormant status on a surface.

Eddins discovered that not only did OnGuard oil stop an organism’s ability to stay alive on a surface, OnGuard stopped the organism’s ability to reactivate when food was reintroduced to it!

So when someone asks “How do you know your OnGuard works?” … I point to the science!



– Study: Effects of doTERRA OnGuard
• Hospital Challenge: community outbreak (started in the hospital and spread to the community outside the hospital)

– Laboratory Experiments
• Used standard methodology, adding microorganisms to disks infused with 1/6th of a drop of the respective oils, OnGuard and Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
• Increased the amount of OnGuard the disk was exposed to, but wasn’t comparatively more effective in the larger doses

(This is important to point out. Using more essential oil isn’t necessary. Just a few drops is all you need!)

– Study on Surface Cleaning
• Measured the survivability of organisms on a surface cleaned with OnGuard

A vast majority of organisms can survive on surfaces for quite a while (7-14 days) without a surface that provides food for them.

• The counter was sprayed with OnGuard, allowed to air dry, then the organisms were introduced
• They tried every day for 7 days to get live samples of the organisms, but they were all killed by the OnGuard, could not get a single live sample from the organisms they had introduced
• The surfaces were not wiped – they simply sat there with the oils, interacting with them, and the organisms couldn’t survive

The majority of hand washing, surface wiping, etc. just washes the spores off and doesn’t kill the germs.

By using just 3 drops of OnGuard in 32oz tap water in a spray bottle that was then sprayed and dried on surfaces, made the organism not viable for 7 days – that’s the power of OnGuard!


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