Oils for Your Sign

I love Astrology and wanted to share some helpful essential oil info for you based on your Sun Sign, plus give you a Zodiac roller bottle blend to make!

What’s Your Sign?

♒ Aquarius are individualistic, original, liberal, idealistic, intellectual, friendly, kind and very creative. They are ruled by the shins, ankles and circulatory system. They are prone to varicose veins, circulatory issues, shin splints and leg cramps. doTERRA Neroli oil helps Aquarians increase circulation and reduce the appearance of enlarged veins.

♓ Pisces are imaginative, spiritual, patient, artistic, dreamers, gentle, intuitive and empathetic.
They are ruled by the lymph, liver and feet. They are prone to feet related issues such as bunions, ache and corns. doTERRA Cedarwood oil helps Pisces to overcome soreness, achy feet and water retention. It also helps keep the toes and feet clean and healthy.

♈ Aries are natural leaders, ambitious, passionate, confident, fiery spirit, competitive, brave, energetic and straight forward. They are ruled by the head, brain and eyes, that is why they are prone to head tension and stress related problems. Aries will love doTERRA Peppermint oil which rejuvenates while relieving stress induced head tension.

♉ Taurus have the characteristics of determination, practical, reliable, dignified, homebody, loyal, stable and have an admiring beauty. They are ruled by the throat, neck and thyroid, and can be prone to sore throats, stiff necks muscles and reoccurring colds. doTERRA Eucalyptus oil can help them recover quickly from throat discomfort, plus also relaxing their sore muscles in a soothing massage.

♊ Gemini are very versatile, communicative, problem solver, multi-dimensional, quick witted, lively and inquisitive. They are ruled by shoulders, arms, lungs and hands, and can be prone to respiratory issues, as well as sore and strained muscles of the neck, arms, shoulders. doTERRA Bergamot oil can help their respiratory health, plus remain quick witted while reducing tension in aching muscles.

♋ Cancer are unpredictable, easy going, emotional, nurturing, sensitive, intuitive, patient and affectionate. They are ruled by the stomach and chest. They are prone to stomach ulcers and other related stomach issues as well as heartburn and water retention problems. They will love doTERRA DigestZen oil for better digestive health!

♌ Leo are natural leaders, powerful, magnetic, dominant, self assured, creative, faithful and entertaining. They are ruled by heart and back. They are prone to back problems, heart diseases and other heart issues. doTERRA Rose oil is very effective for Leos because it works as a vasoconstrictor for the heart and is an anti-spasmodic for muscle relief for the spine.

♍ Virgo are responsible, practical, intelligent, organized, social, tidy, humble and hard worker. They are ruled by the sinus, bowels and respiratory system that is why they are prone to feeling stressed, allergies, frequent colds, depression and constipation. doTERRA Frankincense oil can help the stressed Virgo soothe their mind while boosting their immune system.

♎ Libra are compassionate, diplomatic, peaceful, romantic, charismatic, fair, balanced and friendly. They are ruled by the kidneys, lower back and the female ovaries. That is why they are prone to kidney stones and lower back pain. doTERRA Geranium oil can help a Libra woman by balancing menstrual hormones. It also helps protecting and strengthening their kidneys.

♏ Scorpio are perceptive, intuitive, determined, intense, sensual, mysterious, powerful and loyal. They are ruled by the body’s reproductive organ and excretory system. They are prone to fevers, bodily infections and genital issues. doTERRA Jasmine oil can help keep Scorpios healthy and and address menopausal issues.

♐ Sagittarius are communicative, adventurous, entertainer, intelligent, optimistic, traveler, outgoing and independent. They are ruled by the thighs, liver and hips. doTERRA DeepBlue oil helps Sagittarius in alleviating leg and hip discomfort.

♑ Capricorn are practical, ambitious, successful, logical, determined, faithful, loyal and have a good sense of humor. They are ruled by the bones, teeth, joints and skin. They are prone to stiff joints, broken bones and skin problems. doTERRA Sandalwood oil can help Capricorns relax, and strengthen bone health and improve the look of skin imperfections.

Go here for all your essential oil needs. What questions do you have for me?

xx- Staci

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