DIY Foaming Hand Soap


Making your own foaming hand soap is so easy & so effective! Plus you can customize your blends each season, without the harsh chemicals!



Try these combos too…
Beach Blend: Unscented Castile + Elevation oil
Fall Blend: Unscented + Harvest Spice oil*
Holiday Blend: Unscented + Holiday Joy oil*
Winter Blend: Unscented + Holiday Peace oil*
Love Blend: Peppermint Castile + Passion oil
Chill Blend: Citrus Castile + Adaptiv oil


đŸ’¦Need pump bottles? I saved my favorite Mason Jar ones to my Amazon favs list here:

đŸ’¦Shop essential oils at:

*Seasonal blends available for a limited time during the fall and/or winter months, while supplies last.

Which ones are you making?

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