Your New abōde

As a mom, I care deeply about the products I bring into my home (I know I’m not alone on this one!).

One of the reasons I love doTERRA is their pursuit of purity. They make my job easier! They do the research and sourcing, so I know *exactly* what the heck I’m buying.

And no one in the world understands essential oils and their purity like doTERRA! No one.

If you’re like me, finding cleaner, safer products for my home should be simple, right?


Well doTERRA just made my year! Check out this new sustainable line of natural household products: meet abōde


From the packaging to the ingredients, this new line is super clean, earth friendly, and backed by science!

Dr. Nicole Parrish from Johns Hopkins has been studying the effectiveness of doTERRA Essential Oils for several years.

After Parrish’s own mother experienced success using the oils for her immune system, Parrish was impressed with the results and got to work to learn how and why these plants were so effective.

Most recently, Parrish published a study on the activity of various doTERRA oils in October 2020.

Many of the oils tested for their cleansing and immune supporting properties in this study went into this new doTERRA abode essential oil and line of household products.

Talk about perfect timing for the immediate need we are facing in today’s world!

Additionally, the abode line ingredients score a 1 on the EWG scale, the best a product can rate in terms of its clean ingredients.


For a limited time the entire abode Collection is available, along with several new doTERRA essential oils and products, in the 2021 doTERRA Convention Kit here.

Look for the abode Collection to be available for individual purchase in fall 2021 (stay tuned to my public education group for updates).

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