Girl Power

Girls are strong and kind. They can do amazing things!


Same goes for girls with oils! This girl, and her mini me, have called on them for years, especially when we’re not feeling like Wonder Woman & Super Girl.

Like today for example: my hormones, lower back and cramps are cramping my style πŸ™ƒπŸ˜© (this weather isn’t helping either 🌧)
And then my mood crashes and I need a lift. Like a fork lift!
So I click on the heating pad, pop a midol (yes you can still be oil obsessed and use medication πŸ’Š), diffuse some mood-boosting doTERRA oils, roll on ClaryCalm oil from hip to hip, and catch up on season 3 of my latest #netflixbinge

I count on my oils for SO many things and they seriously do have incredible plant superpowers!
Which oil(s) is saving you today?

PS: My daughter has loved this book for years. It’s super cute with an empowering message. I’m all about that!


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