Photosensitive Oils

Me & my mini me!

We’re wearing our sandals and hangin’ outside this weekend – sun’s out skin’s out! But as you soak up that vitamin D, remember this…⠀

☀️Certain essential oils (usually citrus oils) contain organic compounds that make some people’s skin more sensitive to UV rays.

To play it safe, avoid these photosensitive essential oils topically on exposed skin while in the sun or under artificial UV rays.

Instead, diffuse these oils, inhale them from the bottle, add a drop to your water or an empty veggie capsule if they can be taken internally (check the label first), add a drop to a cotton ball and keep it nearby, or apply these oils under clothing, on the bottoms of feet, or at night with a moisturizer before bed.

😎Check the label first if you’re not sure.

I’m so happy for these sunny days, aren’t you?

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