Baby Support


I’m kicking off a new support series with simple solutions for every age/stage! Because we allll need oils 🙌 And I’m focusing on just 5 essentials for at-home care #easypeasy ⠀
Let’s start things off with the littlest ones, and the age I get the most questions about… babies!

I’ve been blessed to help so many new moms over the years, including my own sisters-in-laws, use these holistic health tools at home. It really does empower us moms to have safe & effective solutions at our fingertips!

So, here’s 5 doTERRA essentials for your little loves…



1- Wild Orange, this citrus essential oil is mild enough for the littlest tummies and works great for calming stomach upset, and supporting a growing immune system. ⠀
2- Cardamom, distilled from seeds, this oil has wonderful respiratory health benefits, and supports gastrointestinal health. ⠀
3- Frankincense, the king of oils, given to baby Jesus, has a long list of benefits and is gentle enough for baby’s skin and scalp care. ⠀
4- Roman Chamomile, a soothing flower essential oil, is loved by mothers for helping to support sleep and teething.⠀
5- Balance, the Grounding Blend, made up of calming and soothing essential oils for mood, provides skincare benefits as well. ⠀


See my Essential Oil Dilution Guide for tips on using these oils topically for baby.


Want this Baby Support Kit? Get yours here 🤍 Then I’ll send you a Welcome Gift to get you started on your oil journey. I’m excited to be your oil support system & plug you into my online essential oil community!

Kiss that sweet baby of yours for me 🤍

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