Toddler Support


Next up in my *new* support series with simple solutions for every age/stage, toddlers! Because we allll need oils 🙌 I’m focusing on just 5 essentials for at-home care #easypeasy

I discovered doTERRA essential oils when my daughter was a toddler, and it was a bigger blessing than I ever realized! These holistic health tools have saved us many nights when she woke up not feeling well 😪 and gave me so much more confidence to take care of my child! That’s a gift I can’t help but share with other parents 🙌 So here’s 5 essentials for toddlers…⠀


1- Tamer, the Digestive Blend, was created with kids in mind! This blend of tummy oils is in a pre-diluted roller and ready to apply to an upset stomach. Perfect for car rides too!⠀

2- Wild Orange, like other citrus essential oils, uplifts the mood. Perfect for grumpy toddlers.⠀
3- Balance, the Grounding Blend made up of calming and soothing essential oils, works well for big toddler emotions. Diffuse or use topically with Wild Orange for the ultimate Tantrum Tamer!⠀

4- Basil, saved us many times for ear discomfort. This herb essential oil also helps boost the immune system. Always dilute your essential oils for safe, topical use. Swipe for my simple Dilution Guide. ⠀

5- Calmer, the Restful Blend, was created for kiddos to use before sleep, to promote restful naps and bedtime. Ready to roll on topically. ⠀


See my Essential Oil Dilution Guide for tips on using these oils topically for toddlers.

Want this Toddler Support Kit? Get yours here
🤍 Then I’ll send you a Welcome Gift to get you started on your oil journey. I’m excited to be your oil support system & plug you into my online essential oil community!

Hug that sweet toddler of yours for me 🤍

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