Kid Support

Kid Support

Next up in my *new* support series with simple solutions for every age/stage, elementary age kiddos! Because we allll need oils 🙌 I’m focusing on just 5 essentials for at-home care #easypeasy⠀⠀
Do you have Grade K-5 kids? Yep, me too! As we navigate these growth spurts, emotions, homework, now #homeschool doTERRA oils at home has definitely come in handy 🙌 So here’s 5 essentials for elementary school kids…⠀⠀


1-Stronger, the Protective Blend, is a blend of essential oils to boost your child’s immune system and fight off the gunk. Apply this pre-diluted roller bottle along the spine 2x daily for preventative care.⠀
2- Wild Orange, like other citrus essential oils, uplifts the mood & promotes relaxation. Perfect for antsy and angry kiddos. Diffuse or apply a drop on the back of the neck with fractionated coconut oil (see my dilution guide for details).⠀
3- Vetiver, our go-to oil for hyped-up energy, this root essential oil helps ground and calm the mind, and relax the body. A drop on the big toe before sleep works great!⠀
4- Rescuer, the Soothing Blend, combines essential oils to help soothe sore muscles and growing pains. Simply roll on topically as it’s already pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil!⠀
5- Tamer, the Digestive Blend, was created with kids in mind! This blend of tummy oils is in a pre-diluted roller and ready to apply to an upset stomach. Perfect for car rides too!⠀

See my Essential Oil Dilution Guide for tips on using these oils topically for kids.

Want this Kids Support Kit? Get yours here
🤍 Then I’ll send you a Welcome Gift to get you started on your oil journey. I’m excited to be your oil support system & plug you into my online essential oil community! ⠀

Hug that big kiddo of yours, then hug yourself – you homeschool rock star! 🤍

  One thought on “Kid Support

  1. gram02
    April 23, 2020 at 4:23 am

    Hello Staci,Wish I had the money for this kit, no work at this time and having more problems with unemployment. Stay safe and healthy.LaurieSent from my Galaxy Tab® E


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