Why The Feet?


A lot of essential oil users apply oils on the bottom of the feet because the skin is less sensitive and it absorbs well. Right?
Yes! But do you know why?

The pores on the soles of your feet, and on the palms of your hands, do not contain sebaceous glands. In other areas of your body, these glands secrete an oil called sebum which acts as a barrier.

Essential oils will absorb into any part of your skin, but they absorb more fully where sebum is not present. Because of this, the soles of your feet are an excellent place to apply your oils. Especially for kiddos! 👣

  One thought on “Why The Feet?

  1. Candace Nolin
    June 24, 2020 at 1:50 am

    Yes! I do this at the end of a long Day! And it helps grandkids to fall asleep in minutes!


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