The More You Know


SIMPLE SAFETY REMINDERS • Essential oils are volatile plant compounds. They need to be used with guidance. This is why team education and support is so important.

Keep these tips in mind:⠀

• Always dilute before applying to the skin. You will also avoid sensitization this way. ⠀

• Avoid applying citrus oils to skin exposed to the sun. Citrus oils are photosensitive and can cause a painful reactions like burns and blisters. ⠀

• Use essential oils internally in small amounts. Less is more when it comes to internal use. Check the label first, not all oils can be used internally.⠀

• If using oils in beverages, make sure the container is glass. Same with storing oils, it needs to be in glass. ⠀

• Remove unwanted essential oils with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. Water will only make discomfort worse.⠀

• Do not leave your oils in extreme temperatures, especially heat. It will break down the therapeutic benefits of the oil. ⠀

• Store your oils safely out of reach from children.⠀

• Always add a carrier oil and salts when using oils in the bath. Never directly in water alone.⠀

• Dilute hot oils like Oregano, Cassia, Cinnamon, Clove, etc extra. They are warming and hot when applied. ⠀

• Oils are best when used often in small amounts versus mega dosing the body. ⠀

• When in doubt, ask someone you trust. Google will send you into a tailspin. ⠀

Shout out to my fellow doTERRA leaders who continue to help educate on the safe benefits of these Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

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