Why Brand Matters

Not all essential oil brands are created equal. Even if a bottle at Whole Foods, or Target, or Walmart, or Amazon, or Best Buy (wtf!?) says 100% pure, there is no regulation confirming that.

Oils are popular now and every company is jumping on the band wagon. And unfortunately people are buying these oils expecting therapeutic results, and what they are left with is a nasty smelling “oil” that’s full of fillers, synthetics and not worthy of even diffusing in your home 😷 Just do your research. That’s what I did.

With a better quality oil comes better therapeutic results. Because where an oil is sourced matters.

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You could grow Lavender on the side of the highway, distill it, bottle it and sell it. But that Lavender will not have the same chemistry and therapeutic properties as the Lavender that is grown in the correct climate, with the best soil, harvested at the perfect time, from a region that is indigenous to that plant (like Bulgaria for Lavender, Nepal for Wintergreen, Haiti for Vetiver, Sicily for Lemon, and so on).

Harvesting, sourcing, distilling, testing, then 3rd party testings makes all the difference! Use a brand that lets you look up the 3rd party laboratory testing of their oils. Because that’s how you’ll know what you are buying. There’s some great information at www.sourcetoyou.com

If you care about supporting brands that care about people, not just the CEOs, look into that too. A company that pays their people and farmers on time and at a fair wage, that builds schools, brings in clean drinking water, shows up after a natural disaster with help and supplies, and gives back in ways that brings you to tears… that is the kind of company I’m proud to support, buy oils from, and link arms with.


Brand matters.

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