The B Word

I sometimes have people tell me they would love to start using essential oils but they don’t fit into the B word: Budget.

What if I told you we have actually S A V E D money since incorporating doTERRA into our routine? Crazy, I know!

So here’s the deal. Since we started using doTERRA nearly 4 years ago, we spend less at places like Target, CVS and Amazon (like a lot less) because we have supplemented many of the items we were buying from those places with more natural options available through doTERRA.


Those of you who know me well know I am obsessed with products. In a previous life, when running into Target (or browsing Amazon) for a few quick things, I would always end up buying things I didn’t need, and I would spend W A Y too much money.

Flash forward to today. We spend $0 on over the counter medications. Our doctor visits have been reduced to annual physicals/well child visits and occasional appointments, which means we are saving on co-pays (before oils we were going all.the.damn.time). I make a lot of my own cleaning supplies (no harsh chemicals in my house). And we feel better physically and emotionally.

So I will flip the question and ask: Can you afford to N O T have oils in your home?!?!

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