Liquid Calm

I read recently that there’s 3 Types of Tears 😢
• Reflex tears
• Continuous tears
• Emotional tears

All 3 types help detoxify the body for different reasons:
• Reflex tears clear debris, like smoke and dust, from your eyes
• Continuous tears lubricate your eyes and help protect them from infection
• Emotional tears may have many health benefits

Continuous tears are 98% water, BUT emotional tears contain stress hormones and other toxins. Researchers think that crying may help flush these things out of our system.

Interesting, right?!

My daughter was releasing some emotional tears yesterday 😭 And I told her, it’s ok, cry it all out, you’ll feel better. And hug mommy, and let’s put some plant medicine on for good measure 💜

After a good cry, or anytime I’m stressed, I like to put a drop of calming essential oils, like Balance and Serenity, in my hands, rub them together and take several deep inhales. Then rub my hands on the back of my neck.

Balance in particular (for me), has the best calming and grounding effect on my mind and body.

❔Are you team Balance, Serenity, or Balenity (yep I just made that up lol)?!
Also, is this why people are crying more lately?

(Article I mention is from

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