How Do You Want To Feel?

The world feels heavy right now, so reaching for natural tools to support your emotional health is a good idea.⠀

I love this To-Feel List from Holistic Psychologist Nila Conzen, so I’ve paired essential oils with each feeling. ⠀


How Do You Want To Feel?⠀

Confident – Beautiful or Slim & Sassy ⠀
Compassionate – Rose or Serenity ⠀
Powerful – Clove or Ginger ⠀
Courageous – Cassia or Hope ⠀
Adventurous – Lime or Motivate ⠀
Vibrant – Bergamot or Beautiful ⠀
Independent – Clove or OnGuard ⠀
Grounded – Balance or Amavi ⠀
Nourished – Grapefruit or Myrrh⠀
Intuitive – Clary Sage or Arise⠀
Radiant – Beautiful or Bergamot ⠀
Calm – Adaptiv or Serenity ⠀
Creative – Tangerine or Passion ⠀
Abundant – Wild Orange or Elevation ⠀
Alive – Lime or Citrus Bliss ⠀
Worthy – Copaiba or Beautiful ⠀
Fulfilled – Roman Chamomile or Neroli⠀

Add a drop of the doTERRA oil to your hands, rub together, cup over your nose and mouth and take several deep inhales. Diffuse oils aromatically, wear topically or on diffuser jewelry to benefit from them emotionally.

If you don’t already have the book Emotions and Essential Oils I highly recommend it. Mine is from Oil Life.

Essential oils available here.

How have your emotions been recently?

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